trend label - WerteAgentur offers custom-made concepts and designs to increase the value of your business. The value agency is a creative workshop dedicated to developing and creating individual, effective, powerful, influential and impacting designs for small and medium-sized companies.
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After training as an advertising and marketing assistant, Lydia Lorenz founded her own advertising agency "trend label" in 1999. The creative hotbed stands for fresh and unconventional ideas - creating authentic solutions without imposing a certain style.
Lydia Lorenz works full-time as Marketing Specialist at Ericsson Antenna Technology Germany GmbH in Rosenheim and is responsible for the corporate visual appearance.​​​​​​​
© Photo: Michael Röglinger ​​​​​​​
Vita Lydia Lorenz

1976 Born in Hatzfeld, Romania

1996 - 1998 Training as advertising and marketing assistant

1999 - present Founder, owner and art director of "trend label" - advertising agency

Since 2010 Focus on free painting, various exhibitions in Paris, Beijing, Miami, Lisbon, etc.

01/2016 - 09/2019 Art Director at KATHREIN SE, Rosenheim

Since 10/2019 Marketing Specialist at Ericsson Antenna Technology Germany GmbH, Rosenheim
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